Armstrong Class: Year 2, 3 and 4

Armstrong Class
Welcome to Armstrong Class!  We are the Year 2, 3 and 4 pupils and our teacher is Miss Taylor.  We are lucky to have two fantastic teaching assistants to work with us throughout the week: Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Clutsom.
We are a fearless class of children who love taking on a challenge to get the best out of our learning!
Spring Term 2020
This term our topic is 'A Twist in the Tale'. 

Our Literacy texts will focus heavily on our topic and we will firstly be reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. The children will be using their imagination and existing knowledge of traditional tales to inform their writing. For our first text, we will be writing a sequel to the story and practise retelling the events. 

In Maths, we will be consolidating our knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to represent numbers in different ways, add and subtract 2,3 or 4 digit numbers and use our knowledge of the operations to solve two-step problems.

In Science we are investigating forces and magnets. We will observe how magnets attract or repel each other and make predictions about which everyday materials will be attracted to magnets.

Our ICT learning will focus on being safe when using the internet. We will learn to think critically when using the internet and start to use different software.

Spellings and times tables homework will be given out every Friday and it should be returned the following Friday. It is an expectation that children practise their spellings and times tables with an adult at home.

PE kits and outdoor learning clothes need to be in school all week please.
Please see below for out topic web and more information on Armstrong Class learning.